Three Church Road Afternoon Tea 

Another Afternoon Tea post, *yawns* (did I actually make you yawn reading that??). How much can a person enjoy itty bitty sandwiches that are only two bites each or freshly baked scones with the same Wilkin and Son’s jam? Well… a lot apparently.

Three Church Road at St George’s Place in Edgbaston, Birmingham is a super cute boutique type restaurant.

The set up is a really pretty Georgian building full of special trinkets in all the little corners. The restaurant is split into different rooms, each having its own decor and vibe.

I had afternoon tea and as it was fairly quiet that day my friend and I had the entire pink room to ourselves. Obviously we chose the pink room, it was a no brainer. The menu is pretty much your basic afternoon tea. We had the itty bitty sandwiches; roasted peppers and pesto, cheese ploughman’s, and cucumber with cheese.

This was followed by freshly baked warm scones, both plain and fruit. They were served with clotted cream and jam. I prefer my scones with more cream and a much thinner layer of jam.

The desserts section is always a little hit and miss for me because I’m not very adventurous with my flavours. I’d like chocolate cake with chocolate filling and a side of chocolate ice cream. There’s no such thing as ‘too chocolatey’ in my book. But we were served the most delicious lemon posset with ginger bread biscuit! It was yummy. Not too lemony and enough sweetness for me to call it a dessert and not a palate cleanser. The other items were chocolate brownies, profiteroles and macarons.

Overall the food was pretty good and the price tag is an average £19.50. It’s a very quaint place and the service was excellent. But it is a stone’s throw away from the Edgbaston Boutique Hotel who also serve an afternoon tea with a little more flair but is pricier at £25. Out of the two I would probably recommend the Edgbaston Boutique Hotel.

Is there anywhere you would suggest I try next? Comment below! x

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