What to do in Cannes

Seeing as all the celebrities were in Cannes recently for Cannes Film Festival I thought I’d take advantage of the occasion to do a major throw back post about my trip to Cannes a few years ago.

Cannes is a beautiful coastal city in the South of France and was genuinely one of my favourite holidays.

Getting to Cannes is easy, the nearest airport is in Nice and is about 15 miles away. Instead of paying for a private taxi it’s a lot cheaper to get the bus that runs from the airport all the way to the main bus terminal in Cannes.

To give you a little idea about the geography of Cannes I’ll start by letting you know about the main attraction: the beach or La Plage as they say en Français (tres impressive, oui?)

The beach in Cannes runs alongside the promenade called La Croisette. La Croisette is home to all the designer shops and the expensive hotels like the Ritz Carlton. Its absolutely gorgeous and great to window shop and people watch.

There’s a long street called Rue D’Antibes which runs parallel to La Croisette and this is essentially a huge high street. This is where our hotel was and where I would suggest you stay in Cannes.

This is the straight road that ran from our hotel directly to the beach!

You’ve got French pharmacies at every turn which are less drug store pharmacies and more skin care specialists. I picked up a tonne of French skin care at really good prices! Here’s my mandatory “I’m a pharmacist standing outside a foreign pharmacy” picture.

We stayed at the Best Western Mondial on Rue D’Antibes and we were a 5 minutes walk away from the beach. Perfection.

In terms of things to do…

1. Beach

Sunbathing is obviously numero uno. On the main stretch of beach most places are private. But if you pay for your day there you get a sun lounger, someone to move your umbrella around and table service! There is a free public beach a little further away but I wouldn’t bother.

2. Food

I don’t have any halal food recommendations… this is why I’m not a food blogger! But there’s this amazing restaurant on the main high street called New York New York. Hands down THE BEST FRIES I’ve ever had in my life. Ever! I have a special authority on fries because I’ve eaten so many so take my word for it. The fries are amazing and all the waiters are hot. Trust me on this.

3. French Skin Care Hauls

If you’re into any French skin care brands you’re so much better off picking up supplies in France. I picked up my favourite La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche moisturiser and a jumbo pack of Bio Derma makeup remover alongside a bunch of other crap I didn’t enjoy.

4. Day Trip to Monaco

Monaco is an hour train ride away from Cannes. You jump on a train from Gare de Cannes and hop off when you get to Gare de Monaco. Simple! If you’re in the South of France it’d be a shame to not see Monte Carlo considering how close by and easy it is to get to. I’ll be doing another post all about Monaco so stay tuned for that!

I think I’ve covered all bases! If you’ve got any recommendations of where to stay (if I ever go again) let me know below! x

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