The Phene

Anyone else addicted to the drama of the Made in Chelsea crew? No? Just me then.

I can’t get enough of the rich socialites complaining about their ridiculously lavish lifestyles. I sit here made in Birmingham, drooling over them all (except maybe Rosie) for having everything I wish I had! *Sighs*

My love-love relationship with Lucy Watson inspired me to haunt her father’s business venture; The Phene.

It was so well advertised in the show; being the perfect backdrop for Lucy to throw a house warming party. Seeing as Hedwig failed to swing by with my invitation I settled for going there myself; uninvited.

In all fairness the venue was pretty cute. Set in Chelsea it had major kerb appeal. To the side of the main entrance was a little iron clad gate leading to an al fresco dining garden complete with outdoor heaters because lets face it, it’s hardly ever warm enough for al fresco in England.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a snap of the garden… I was caught up in one of those “Do I enjoy the moment or do I take a picture of the moment?” situations. Oops. But I did get a few of the main restaurant and my food, obviously.

The bar area of the restaurant was quite small and our table was right next to the front door…which kept opening every few minutes… Yay. Further in there was a larger seating area, but that was occupied by non-peasants who had the foresight to book a table ahead of time.

The food was great: rather than being one of those ladies that lunch I did brunch! Eggs benedict followed by fresh pancakes, washed down with a little iced tea.

All in all, it wasn’t the most amazing in terms of decor or atmosphere but the food was really good and I definitely want to head back to enjoy the garden when the weather warms up again! Thanks Lucy Watson, for shamelessly plugging your family business, I was a sucker for the advertising.






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