Once upon a time Tattu meant a rather questionable girl duo with a one hit wonder that left all 90s babies pretty confused. Now, Tattu means a gorgeous Chinese restaurant and bar in the middle of Manchester.

Tattu menu

I’d be lying if I said my reasons for going there was the awesome menu or the drinks list… I went there for the foliage.

The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous and if you didn’t know that I have a thing for ambience and beautiful settings, now you do.

The centre piece to the restaurant is a huge tree (I don’t know what kind… but it’s pretty) with tables arranged underneath it. The lighting is dim and there’s an anchor suspended from the ceiling that descends across both floors of the restaurant.

Tattu Neely

On to the serious stuff, the food.

I didn’t expect the food to be halal and frankly I didn’t care, I was happy to be a pescetarian that night. But on a whim I asked the waiter if anything was halal. Lo and behold THEY HAVE HALAL OPTIONS!! The chicken, lamb and wagyu beef are halal!

A couple of my friends who have more willpower against carbs than I do ordered the coconut chicken salad (I know) with a side of vegetables (I KNOW!!). Another friend had lamb chops with steamed vegetables and rice. I had the dim sum selection with chicken satay.

Tattu dim sum

Tattu food

I can honestly say I couldn’t remember exactly which dim sum contained what, I forgot what the waiter told me approximately 5 seconds after he stopped speaking. But I do know I found the wagyu beef dim sum spicy. For reference I am a Nando’s medium. I accept I have the spice threshold of a person who doesn’t belong to my ethnic group. I’m as baffled as you are.

Tattu food

On the whole I think I speak for everyone at the table, the food was delicious. Portions are generous and super filling, though I can find space for dessert at 99% of maximum stomach capacity. It’s a talent.

Tattu food

There’s plenty to choose from on the menu and the prices aren’t extortionate, so if you’re around Manchester book yourself a table (a few weeks in advance because they’re a little busy) and check it out yourself!

Disclaimer: Please double check the halal-ness of the food when you go!


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