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Before I went to Santorini I admit I was frantically searching google for “what to do in Santorini” and “things to do in Santorini”. Nowhere did I come across “Santorini Open Air Cinema”! Most of the results were all about tourist hot spots and the best places to take pictures of the sunset. I’m all for a cute picture but I’m way more interested in actually having cool experiences.

Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t an extravagant set up with big comfy sofas and surround sound but it was pretty damn gorgeous in its own right.

I went to the open air cinema at a restaurant called Volkan on the Rocks in the capital Fira. The restaurant is right on the caldera edge which means you get stunning views of the ocean with no obstructions.

I can’t give you precise information about the location because you literally need to walk in a straight line along the caldera and you will see it eventually! If you go past the McDonalds on the street parallel then you’ve gone too far. (Trust Maccies to be my point of interest for the geography of Santorini!)

This summer they were alternating between showing Mamma Mia and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Tickets for the open air cinema were 15 euros and included a little plate of food. We had our dinner at the restaurant as well so we ate whilst watching the film.


The film plays on a big projector screen in the courtyard of the restaurant. Everyone had headphones (not the cutest but they do the job!) and the waiters even brought out blankets for us after the sun had set as it does get a little chilly in the evenings.

I’d never seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding before but watching it IN SANTORINI for the first time ever in an open air cinema was really special. The film is hilarious, I wont even tell you how many times I laughed afterwards when random lines from the movie came into my head!

This was definitely something I’d highly recommend you do on your trip. If you’re in Santorini during the summer months definitely keep an eye out for open air cinemas! Check out Volkan on the Rocks here.

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