Netflix and Chill – Valentine’s Edition

Public Service Announcement: IT IS ALMOST VALENTINE’S DAY.


But it’s not too late to make a quick DIY novelty gift! The inspiration for this comes from Andrea of Andrea’s Choice on YouTube. It’s a super simple and fun Valentine’s DIY idea that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. It doesn’t have to be a Valentines gift either (this is for one of my friends, just because she likes Netflix and I thought it was cute).

The idea is a ‘Netflix and chill’ box which includes a Netflix gift card for the Netflix portion and a bunch of snacks for consumption during the chill.

For this DIY you will need:-

A box – big enough to fit the snacks of your choice.


Snacks – I got some of my friend’s favourites like a mini box of Lindt chocolate and her favourite lemonade.


Glue – I used regular old pritt stick

Card/Paper – to print out the designs on

Netflix logos – I’ve attached the images I used below, just print them out to the size you require or make your own!

On to the making!

Step 1: Print out the “Netflix and Chill” logo on to a piece of white card and cut out a piece of black card slightly smaller than the size of the box lid.

netflix logo

Step 2: Stick the logo on to the black piece of card

netflix logo

Step 3: Glue this on to the lid of your box. I left a small border around the edge of my lid.

netflix and chill

Step 4: Line your box with some tissue and add the snacks of your choice.


Step 5: Cover these with tissue as well for a clean finish.


Step 6: Next you need a Netflix gift card. I decided I would give my friend her own profile on my existing Netflix account, which is the cheekier/cheaper option. I printed a gift card onto a plain piece of card. The image I used is at the bottom of this page if you need it. I printed the details of my account and password on another piece of card and stuck them together. Et voila!

netflix gift card

Step 7: Finally! Pop the lid back on and there you have it!

You could adapt this method for pretty much any occasion. Maybe a beauty box for a makeup lover? Or a holiday memory box with a map on the top? Ideally someone would give me a holiday box with some flight tickets inside…. just putting that out there for the world. I think I have a new found love of DIY boxes!

Here are links to the images I used:

The Netflix and Chill logo:

The gift card:

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