Monaco – Monte Carlo

Picture Casino Royale. James Bond is parked in a car outside a casino casually trying to restart his own heart after being poisoned at the poker table… Ok now forget that picture because they didn’t use Monte Carlo Casino for the movie, BUT it has the exact same vibes!

Monte Carlo is one of the main areas of Monaco and home to the infamous Monte Carlo Casino. The whole place is set on a hillside with the train station at the top. Like I mentioned in my previous post about Cannes (click here to have a read) Monte Carlo is super easy to get to from Cannes, it’s an hour train ride away.

Walking around Monte-Carlo is enough of an experience in itself. The architecture is amazing and everything looks like a movie set! I was in Monte Carlo on a day trip from Cannes and I absolutely loved it! Here’s a quick breakdown of sights I’d recommend seeing!

Things to do:

1. Monte Carlo Casino

This goes without saying! The Casino is based in the conveniently named Place Du Casino. Here is where you will see the flashiest display of wealth. Every supercar you can imagine lined up outside with passengers that look like every bad guy from the James Bond films. I kid you not I felt like I was part of a film set. Mere peasants like myself are allowed in to the main lobby of the casino for free and unfortunately we’re not allowed to take any pictures.

2. Place Du Casino

Right around the casino you’ll see a gorgeous fountain out front. You can stand across from the fountain to get a good view of the whole area. On the right you’ll see Hotel De Paris. If you’re staying there please invite me along. To the left you’ve got Cafe De Paris (see what they did there) which has loads of outdoor seating and is really nice to sit right in the middle of all the action.

3. Point Focinane

Just behind the casino you’ll see the back of the Opera House and you will be on the cliff side edge of Monte Carlo. The views here are amazing! To the right you’ll see the marina with fancy yachts and to the left you get an amazing view of the Monaco coast line with the hills in the background. I could have stood here for hours taking in the view.

4. Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens are similar to… Hyde Park I guess. A little slice of calm and tranquility right in the middle of a busy city. Ok so Monte Carlo is nowhere near as busy as London but inside the gardens, as if by magic, you can’t hear the noise of the city around you. It is so pretty with its little bridges, mini islands, waterfalls and zen garden. There’s even a little tea room!

Getting around Monte Carlo is pretty easy to do on foot because it’s not very big at all. But as we came to the end of the day and the sun had exhausted my friends and I, we eventually caved and got a taxi back to the train station! I only got to see a snippet of Monte Carlo but believe me it made a lasting impression on me! I wish I could go back and stay at Hotel De Paris. Like I said, if you’re feeling generous invite me along! Thaaaanks!

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