Milk Train 

After New Year I, like so many other people, long for something to look forward to and I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can enjoy things like pretty Milk Train ice cream!

Summer ‘17 went by far too quickly for my liking and before my trip to Dubai I managed to sneak away to London to spend a lovely weekend with one of my best friends. One of the most hyped spots in London over the Summer was a little ice cream parlour called Milk Train. So naturally I dragged Julie out with me to go try out this ice cream!

Milk Train is tucked away in Covent Garden. Their signature item is a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone surrounded by a cloud of candy floss!

Does it look nice? Yes. It looks super cute.

Does it taste good? Sure. It’s ice cream and candlyfloss, what’s not to like?

It costs approximately £6 to get an ice cream cone with the candyfloss cloud so it’s hardly an obscene amount of money to spend on a pretty novelty.

They do normal vanilla ice cream or matcha green tea (eww) and you can have your ice cream in a cone or cup. They do lots of fun toppings like chocolate sprinkles and cookies, but they also do some pretty random ones like red bean and popcorn. Not sure how I feel about red bean…

There is plenty to choose from and the candy floss cloud is an extra £1. My only slight niggle is that it’s so difficult to eat. Here is what my face looked like sat on street bench trying to keep the ice cream from dripping all over my clothes.

My vanilla ice cream melted way faster than Julie’s matcha and the candy floss is a real mess to eat. I had to stop at a nearby pub to go wash my hands (and jeans) because I eat ice cream like a child apparently.

If you haven’t already tried it I’d say definitely check it out once the weather warms up this year. Just keep some napkins in your pocket!

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