Birthdays are literally the highlight of my year. My birthday, my best friends’ birthdays, even half birthdays! (Yes half birthdays are totally a thing, if you didn’t know, now you do!) 

It is the best excuse to spoil yourself and get spoilt, what’s there not to love?

This year I spent my actual birthday in London (posts coming soon) and I celebrated in Manchester on the weekend too.

I travelled 100 miles to sit in a birdcage. I regret nothing.

Ménagerie is French for “a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition”, hence the birdcage. It is an absolutely stunning restaurant/bar. The owners have put so much effort into the decor and details; every nook of the place has been carefully thought out.

They’ve catered to the social media generation with a special little set up of giant picture frames and a bathtub(?) creating the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. Keeping up with neon writing trends they have a few fun quotes up on the walls.



They have a birdcage!!! You can sit inside a huge birdcage! This wasn’t ever really on my bucket list of things to do but it’s so cute! Just look!



Decor aside, lets get serious. I eat halal meat only and luckily enough they do offer some halal options! The chicken milanese as a main dish is halal and the smoked applewood chicken with blue cheese dressing is halal too. My personal recommendation is the smoked chicken with a side of fries!

I don’t know what number this is on the ‘Facts About Me’ you might need to know but I LOVE pina coladas (alcohol free obviously). Menagerie does not disappoint on this front. My drink came IN A GOLDEN PINEAPPLE!! *insert heart eyes emoji here* and it tasted like heaven. A coconutty, pineapple-y heaven.


If the decor, halal chicken and amazing pina coladas haven’t got you wanting to visit… Im not sure what your problem is to be honest! But dessert is so much fun. As well as other relatively normal desserts they do ‘All The Fun Of The Fair’ and it is indeed a whole lot of fun. It is a mini ferris wheel with cupcake sized mini desserts like caramel popcorn, candy floss, chocolate filled doughnuts, candy apples and ice-cream hot dogs. I didn’t love the ice-cream hot dogs but everything else was delicious.


At night they have some live entertainment in the form of a scantily clad dancer who performs in the middle of the restaurant on a hoop suspended in mid air. Personally I preferred going to Menagerie during the day (yes I’ve been here twice) because at night it’s a little too much of a bar for my liking. I blame my old age, but I like to be able to hear the people at my table speak!

Take my word for it, book yourself a table here for a lunch or an early dinner and you wont be disappointed! x


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