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The Élan café chain in London has absolutely nothing to do with the Pakistani clothes designer of the same name. Instead it’s a chain of picturesque and totally instagrammable cafés. There in lies the problem. It’s Instagram worthy and everyone knows it. So heading there at lunch time on a Saturday probably wasn’t the wisest idea…

When we were told there was an hour and a half wait to be seated my friends and I looked at each other and thought, ‘surely not’. Then we convinced each other that our wait wouldn’t be that long because, ‘hey that table looks like they’re leaving’ and ‘that group are getting food to take out’.

Yeah… we were wrong. I know, I can hear you saying we’re mad for waiting. But by the time the reality had sunk in about the queue we had already invested too much time to just walk away. Winners never quit. Neither do fatties apparently. So we waited it out.

In the time it took for us to get seated I took pictures like this…

And these…

Then I took some pictures by the pretty flower wall that looked a little something like this…

So far there are two Élan cafés in London, one on Park Lane opposite the Dorchester, and another on Brompton Road.

I went to the one on Park Lane and in hindsight it was the smaller one…

I would advise going there at off peak times because queuing wasn’t fun. In the Élan café at Park Lane there was outdoor seating with overhead heaters and blankets like a trashy sheesha lounge and people were pretending to enjoy themselves with snow falling an inch away from their food.

Don’t be those people.

Just wait for a proper table inside. The food was pretty good. They had breakfast food, sandwiches and plenty of desserts. I had a chicken, mozzarella and tomato ciabatta sandwich and the millionaires shortbread. A little bonus was all the food was halal. They use halal meat for their sandwiches and the gelatine in the cakes comes from fish!

The manager and the staff were super friendly and I can’t fault the customer service. Rumour has it (the manager told us) that they’re looking to open two more branches in London this summer! I’ll definitely be checking those out!


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