Cannock Chase Forest

It’s February, the weather is finally starting to warm up (excluding the past week where snow made an unwanted comeback). The days are getting longer again and Spring is definitely on its way which means… I can finally go for hikes again! I’m a Pisces and I love being near water but in all honesty I just love being outdoors when the weather is nice.

In and around Birmingham the most popular places for a hike are Lickey Hills and Clent Hills, both of which are worth a visit. One of the perks of being a locum pharmacist is that I get to explore places that I wouldn’t ordinarily get to see. Thats how I stumbled across Cannock Chase Forest. It’s situated in the West Midlands, about 30 miles from the centre of Birmingham.

Cannock Chase is a huge forest which has lots of bike trails, a gorgeous lake and they have Go Ape! My cousin and I ended up going to the forest after work, in the middle of the summer while we were fasting… not the brightest idea we’ve ever had.

There are lots of different hiking trails to choose from and being the dehydrated geniuses we were, we chose a 7.5 mile trail called the Sherbrook Trail. Thankfully at some point we messed up following the signposts. We ended up following our trail backwards to try and get back to our car.

At one point we got totally lost and I must admit I tried calling my brother in an attempt to convince him to drive to us and pick us up… luckily for him I had no phone signal, thanks EE. Eventually we made it back to the car! We called home to place our food and drink orders for when we broke our fasts. I can honestly say I’ve never been as thirsty as I was that day.

Word to the wise, NEVER voluntarily go hiking through a forest while you’re fasting in the middle of the Summer. But aside from that if you live in the West Midlands you have got to visit Cannock Chase Forest. Go well prepared with food and drinks! If you can cycle you can hire mountain bikes from the cycling centre.

If you’ve got any recommendations for places to go hiking let me know! x


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