Birthday Dinner at Sheesh

You know when you’re sat lurking on Instagram and you see pretty girls posing in front of vintage cars and you’re totally jealous because that’s kinda your dream? Except your dream is vintage cars in Cuba but Sheesh in Chigwell will do the job for now.

That was pretty much my thought process for booking a table at Sheesh restaurant. Everyone knows it as the go to place for the TOWIE crew. Anyone remember when Lauren Goodger was apparently kicked out of there because her ex boyfriend was coming?

Anyway, reality TV drama aside, I’m super happy I went to Sheesh with my friends for my birthday dinner. A couple of my friends had already been and spoke highly of the food. To be honest I didn’t care about the food, I didn’t even check if it was halal (it is).

But the food is amazing! It’s Turkish cuisine and the menu consists of loads of meat. I ordered chicken legs, and my friends had the lamb cuts and lamb chops. We were served huge portions of meat that come with a very generous portion of salad as well. In hindsight one main dish between two of us would have been more than enough.

Second mistake was ordering two sides of chips… the addiction to chips is so real. We had normal chips and truffle chips, again the portions were huge.

I have to make a brief comment: these were probably the best fat chips I’ve had ever. (The best skinny chips are in New York New York in Cannes, France. Fact.) Bold statement, I know. But true.

My little birthday cake was the dream cake from their menu which is their own recipe. It’s a hybrid between a donut and a cake, covered in a chocolate ganache. Drool worthy for sure.

The setting is gorgeous. The outside terrace is probably what Sheesh is most famous for with all the vintage cars and the Mediterranean vibes.

Inside you’ve got the main dining room which stars a stuffed giraffe (I don’t know if it was real or not) and suits of armour. There’s also a few bar areas, an open wood burning fireplace, a huge stuffed bear, a grand piano and a beautiful conservatory room.

I can’t wait to go back in the summer and actually hang out in the garden with a mocktail and not freeze to death in the ridiculous weather we had last week! x