A Surprise Baby Shower

Here’s a little post all about baby shower ideas that I used for my gorgeous cousin Sonia’s surprise baby shower.
My other cousins and I meticulously planned with her husband on how to get her out of her house so we could set this all up!

Because we didn’t and still don’t know the gender of the baby we had to go with a neutral theme. We weren’t fans of the whole blue and pink overload or the new bumblebee theme that seems to be everywhere. So neutrals it was!

Food ideas

Priority for the party was the cake and food. Our baby shower cake was made by Sabah (instagram: cherrybakerie). She did an amazing job, it was delicious!

For food we did an array of finger foods like mini chicken burgers, samosas, sheesh kebab skewers and chicken pakoras.

We wanted our main table to look cute so I tasked the other guests with finding food that looked cute!

The cake took pride of place and we had profiteroles, individual cheesecakes in super cute dessert bowls (got mine from Latifs warehouse), yum yums, chocolate brownies and lemon and poppy seed cupcakes also made by Sabah.


Here’s a list of the games we played! Ebay was a good place to find inspiration for baby shower ideas and I ended up ordering quite a bit from the website.

1. Pin the Dummy on the Baby

This is pretty easy to set up. I ordered a little kit off ebay (buy it here) which came with a big poster of a baby, a blindfold and 8 sticker dummies.


2. Sign the vest

Again this is super easy to do and so cute as a little keepsake. All you need is a baby vest. We used a tiny baby vest because the smaller the cuter right? Not like the baby is going to wear it!

3. Photo-booth

You need some baby accessories props like dummies, bottles, diapers, rattles etc. You could make your own by printing out shapes onto card and attaching them to wooden skewers or just order a premaid pack, here’s one from eBay.

4. Smell the Nappy

This was a fun game that got everyone scratching their heads! We had four different nappies the fillings we used were Nutella, guacamole, sweet corn relish and mango chutney! They looked disgusting in the nappies! You could also use things like BBQ sauce, soy sauce or ketchup.


-To dress the table we had gold photo frames set up on either side for signing the baby vest and the photobooth. I used a mini letter stamping set to make the signs and put them in frames.

-We had little baby vest sweets in various colours which were a cute touch.

-Mini personalised ready-to-pop popcorn bags were so easy to make. We used clear plastic bags, again from eBay (Cellophane bags). These came with silver ties. The stickers were from eBay too, (Ready to Pop stickers) personalised with my cousin’s name. You can pick the colour of feet depending on the gender of the baby.

-Everyone signed these mini advice cards for the mom-to-be and we added our gender predictions on the back.

-We used a helium canister to fill up some confetti balloons

-We got some gold bunting from Asda and had ‘Ready to Pop’ on the wall

I hope this post has given you some baby shower ideas if you’re lucky enough to plan one! If you’ve got any other games in mind please share them below!