Aluna Bar Birmingham 

Mention a Harry Potter themed anything and I’m there (except Harry Potter studios because all my friends are traitors and have been without me…) Enter Aluna…

Aluna, a cocktail bar at The Mailbox Birmingham, is a Harry Potter themed bar! It was on my list of places to go for ages and finally Rumi and I ventured away from Nando’s and headed there.

It was Harry Potter themed in a pretty broad sense in all honesty. The decor was a mixture of various Harry Potter references (it was too dark to take pictures of the cute details, but I assure you they were cute). Most randomly though there was a little picture spot in a corner where you could pose with angel wings on a wall. Which Rumi and I both did, much to her dismay.

But I was left wondering why it wasn’t a sorting hat attached to the wall. I would have happily stood underneath that instead and it would have been more in keeping with the theme. (Aluna, if you’re reading this hire me to do some interior decorating!)

We don’t drink alcohol and considering the bar is known for its cocktails we still had plenty of drinking options or “Antidotes” as they are called on the menu.

The cocktail mixing was by far the star of the show. They had drinks coming out in all sorts of different glass jars/flasks/beakers and I definitely got the potions vibe. The waiters sprinkled things on drinks and there were flames and smoke. It was a lot of fun to watch even if we were sat around drinking our basic bish cocktails that did… nothing.

The food was ok. I had three starters for my dinner; the buttermilk halloumi bites, vegetable rolls and Malay prawns. Rumi had the teriyaki salmon steak.

Overall, it’s a nice place for some drinks and bar food. Maybe not the best for a big dinner situation but who even has big dinners anyway, we’re all GF, DF, low carb anyway!