Afternoon Tea At The Ritz

Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things in the world. Combine that with my love of gilded french furniture and mirrors, enter the most epic birthday afternoon tea at The Ritz.

The Setting

The Ritz is absolutely stunning. Once the doorman greets you and you walk through the revolving front door you enter a completely different world.

the ritz london doorway

The hotel is decorated in the 18th century French style, which I adore. The walls are painted in a soft apricot colour, which was chosen by the hotel founder Mr César Ritz because it was the perfect colour to compliment the skin tones of female guests! A man after my own heart, choosing paint based on what is most flattering for someone’s face! How is this not a thing?!

In the lobby you see grand staircases leading to fancy bedrooms and suites that cost more than a short haul holiday. Make your way from the lobby into the Long Gallery and you become more and more submerged in a new a reality full of gold leaf details, pastel tones, opulent chandeliers and florals you’d die for, all the while enjoying a soundtrack to… heaven.

Afternoon tea is hosted in the Palm Court which is just beautiful. The walls are in the peachy hue, with mirror panels covering the walls at either end and the entrance is flanked by two palm trees.

the ritz london palm court

the ritz london

Afternoon Tea

the ritz london

There are five tea sitting times during the day and there are four different types of afternoon tea to choose from.

the ritz london afternoon tea

Traditional tea is £54 and Champagne tea is £70. Celebration tea includes your own personalised cake, normally £65 but if the maître d’ takes a liking to you he might give it to you complimentary of the Ritz (as he did for me… I can’t hide my glee). Finally there is Champagne and Celebration tea for £84.

the ritz london

the ritz london afternoon tea


Mr Ian Gomes, the resident pianist, brings you music that works in completely harmony with the ambience of the hotel.

Before he started playing that day he came over to where I was sat in the Long Gallery and started speaking to me. He assumed I was familiar with classic Bollywood songs and so played a few for me (click here for a short video clip), which was so thoughtful and made me feel really special. He told me he loved bringing joy to everyone listening to him play. Later, during the tea, he played the birthday song as my cake was brought out to me.

Dress Code

I think I’ve explained the set up of the hotel well enough for you to think this isn’t a place you can go to in your casual jeans and trainers… and you’d be right. Jeans, trainers and sportswear are not permitted in any areas of the hotel. For afternoon tea in particular men must wear a jacket and tie. There isn’t a requirement for women to wear anything specifically but smart casual is expected.

MAJOR Side Note

My first visit to The Ritz coincided with a private dinner taking place in a separate room. I was making my way to the powder room (fancy, I know) when I saw the most perfect vision of beauty. EVER. She was stunning. I mean Leonardo DiCaprio’s taste in women level of stunning. She walked past me with her black and pink gown flowing and long dark hair curled perfectly. It was like a scene out of Gossip Girl and somehow I was Chuck Bass.

I fell in love with a stranger that day. That is all.

Click here to book yourself a table at The Ritz! If you’d like to read more about places to eat click here.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s ever had a girl crush on a complete stranger before? Let me know below!


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